Programs at Fort Baker

Cavallo Point, the Lodge at the Golden Gate and the Institute at the Golden Gate are each developing innovative, forward-thinking programs for overnight visitors and conference attendees. Below are examples of programs that may be offered.

From Farm to Table – Sustainable Cooking: Explore the art of cooking with a celebrity chef and sommelier, together with local farmers. Tour regional sustainable and organic farms and prepare five-star meals paired with fine California wines.

Ecosystem Restoration: Tour restoration projects in the Golden Gate National Parks and work with other park managers to develop strategies for project success.

The Future of Health: This five-day wellness program is customized to each individual’s health goals, integrating recreation, fitness, nutrition, education on emerging wellness technologies and practices, healing, and stress-reduction practices.

Plein Air Painting in the Golden Gate National Parks: Join an artist and local naturalist in this rich opportunity to capture vast and intricate park landscapes on canvas.

Beyond Park Borders: Work with other public land managers to develop strategies for preserving biodiversity “hot spots” that extend across local, state and national park borders.

Global Warming Symposium for Teachers: Educators join with scientists and environmental leaders to develop strategies for studying climate change issues in the classroom.

A complete listing of programs at Cavallo Point and the Institute at the Golden Gatet, slated to start in April 2008, will be available in fall 2007.