Fort Baker stands on the shoreline of San Francisco Bay in the heart of the Golden Gate National Parks. This historic site boasts one of the most spectacular settings in the world, from the Golden Gate Bridge to panoramic views across the bay to Alcatraz, Angel Island, and San Francisco, located just 15 minutes away. Surrounded by over 75,500 acres of parklands, Fort Baker offers easy access to ocean beaches, coastal mountains, rolling hills, and woodlands, as well as one of the most vibrant metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Fort Baker’s location at the Golden Gate defines it as a gateway and vantage point to the world – a dynamic setting where people gather to create new platforms for addressing key environmental and social issues through programs hosted and convened by the new Institute at the Golden Gate and the Fort Baker Retreat Group. Cavallo Point (the Lodge at the Golden Gate) and National Park Service will give day visitors and overnight guests the opportunity to experience this rich natural and cultural landscape through a variety of programs, activities, lodging and on-site amenities that, together, make Fort Baker a place that is both memorable and meaningful.